Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning Documents

The documents below are to help you strategically grow your leaders in the areas of evangelism, discipleship, missions and leadership development.

Evangelism Strategic Planning docs.pdf

Evangelism Strategy

Discipleship Strategic Planning docs.pdf

Discipleship Strategy

Missions Strategic Planning docs.pdf

Missions Strategy

Leader Development Strategic Planning docs.pdf

Leadership Development

Student Leader Expectations

Student Leader Expectations.docx.pdf

Challenge Communities Handbook

Challenge Communities Handbook (2018).docx.pdf

Student leadership teams

Student leadership teams are a way to organize your students to lead them to help fulfill the mission of Christian Challenge. Depending on the size of your campus, the number of student leaders, and other factors, your leadership team structure may look different than at other campuses. Listed below are some sample documents used to organize leadership teams at various campuses.

Northern Arizona University

At NAU, student leaders are part of CMT (Campus Missionary Team). Students view themselves as missionaries to the NAU campus. CMT members are divided into sub-teams to focus on different aspects of ministry. CMT members sign the CMT Covenant (Student Expectations doc) as well as documents correlating to their team. Find some sample documents below.

Copy of Evangelism Team member.docx

Evangelism Team

Copy of Discipleship Team member.docx

Discipleship Team

CMT Missions Team member.docx

Missions Team

Challenge Community Team.docx

Challenge Community Team

CMT Prayer Team Member.docx

Prayer Team

Social Events Team Member.docx

Social Events Team

Worship Team Member.docx

Worship Team