Gospel Appointments

What are gospel appointments?

  • They are casual and relational one-on-one meetings between a believer and another individual with the expressed purpose of sharing the gospel.

  • They are an effective form of evangelism, anyone can be trained to do, that focuses on relationship without sacrificing gospel intentionality.

  • They are a great way to get to know another person, build trust, and begin developing a friendship.

  • They are an opportunity to listen to another person’s story, share your own story, and connect on a deeper level without distractions.

  • They provide a nonthreatening venue to verbally proclaim the gospel and invite the other person to respond to Jesus Christ.

How to set up a gospel appointment

1. Start a Conversation

When meeting a new student, simply start talking about any topic. Use F.I.R.E. (Find common ground, Interests, Relationships, Experience with spiritual things)

2. Identify with Christ

This can be something like, “I am involved in this campus group called Challenge.” or “We just got back from a fun trip that helped my relationship with God.” Don’t worry about the exact wording, just say something. Something is better than nothing!

3. Ask a Spiritual Question

Try asking, “Do you have any interest in spiritual things?” or “Did you grow up going to church or anything like that?” Ask something that gets them talking about themselves.

4. Set Up a Meeting

No matter the answer to the spiritual question, follow up with something like, “That’s interesting. Hey I have been learning some pretty helpful things about having a relationship with God. Maybe we could get together sometime for lunch or coffee and talk more about this?” After saying this be quiet and wait for them to respond. Schedule a time to connect and make sure to put it on the calendar right then.

5. Continue Casual Conversation

Try something like, “So what are your plans for this weekend?”

NOTE: If you are at your ministry’s weekly gathering, small group, or special event, there is no need to transition the conversation, just jump in and ask to set up a meeting. Try saying, “Hey it would be great to get lunch or coffee sometime so we could get to know each other and I can tell you more about our group?”

How to lead a gospel appointment?

1. Prepare with Prayer

Pray like crazy! Fast and set aside some time to pray for the person you will be meeting with. Recruit people from your ministry to pray for you before and during your meeting. Invite your pastor, campus missionary, mentor, and friends to pray. Pray! Pray! Pray!

2. Confirm the Meeting

Make sure to confirm the time and location for the meeting. It is always a good idea to send a text message the day of the meeting as a reminder.

3. Bring a Gospel Tool

Of course, you don’t have to use a tool to share the gospel, but if you use a “Gospel Lesson” or “Three Circles” or anything else, just make sure to have the tool with you. Bring a pen, paper, Bible, etc. It might be good to also bring an extra Bible to give away just in case they don’t have one.

4. Have a Three-Story Conversation

Start by talking casually and building a relationship with the person but transition pretty quickly to speaking about deeper things such as family and upbringing. Then walk through the three-story outline below. Make sure to really listen to them as they share.

Their Story: Ask them to share their story about their experience with spiritual things. Just say something like “So what’s your background when it comes to spiritual things?” Most people will have something to share.

Your Story: Share your testimony briefly. Try and do a one-minute version. Remember that you are not the focus of this conversation.

God’s Story: Introduce the Bible lesson or illustration. You could say, “The ministry that I am a part of uses these Bible lessons that teach the basics about having a relationship with God. Do you mind if I show you one?” or “I have this illustration that explains the big story of God...”

5. Share the Gospel

Pull out the Gospel Lesson or other tool and just read it with them. Make sure to sit close enough that both of you can comfortably see it. Simply take them through the lesson or illustration.

6. Invite a Response

After sharing the gospel, ask if they have any questions, and then invite them to respond. If you are using the Gospel Lesson, when you get to the prayer at the bottom, hand them the paper and say, “Why don’t you read this prayer? Don’t pray it yet. Just read it and see if it shows the desire of your heart.” Give them time to read and think about it, then ask “Would you like to pray this and commit your life to Christ right now?”

7. Take the Next Step

If they say NO, respectfully ask what is keeping them from making this commitment. Don’t be pushy or try to force a decision, simply cultivate the relationship. You can also ask if they would like to do an investigative study through the life of Jesus (perhaps through the Gospel of John). If they say YES to Christ, show your excitement and lead them to respond to God in prayer. Open in prayer thanking God for your time together and then ask them to pray to God out loud.

8. Follow Up

Celebrate any decision that was made and set up a follow up meeting. Tell them that this is the most important decision of their lives. Then say, “There are some other things like this that we could chat about if you want to meet again. Would you be free to connect again at the same time next week?” Make sure you establish a time to meet again.

For more resources & video instruction about gospel appointments, visit: www.gospelappointments.com